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Evoqua Water Technologies

Evoqua Water logo

Evoqua is the OEM for JWI, USFilter, Perrin, Siemens and other brands of filter presses. For 40 years Evoqua has provided new equipment, spare parts and replacement parts and best-in-class service for these dewatering brands.

Evoqua’s J-Press® Filter Presses by JWI® have been the industry leader in dewatering in any process that requires separation between liquid and solid suspensions. From conventional industrial waste sludge to high solids mineral processing applications, Evoqua has the equipment to meet your dewatering needs. Evoqua also features the J-Mate® Continuous Dryer, a JWI product that reduces disposal costs by removing moisture from dewatered cake. It is designed to be used for second stage volume and weight reduction downstream from a J-Press filter press or other dewatering systems.



DRYCAKE is an engineered products and services company focused on process equipment and design for waste reuse recovery for municipal and industrial wastewater. DRYCAKE engineers, packages, delivers, installs, commissions and supports inlet works screening and grit removal systems, decanter and disc-stack centrifugal mechanical separation packages, solid waste systems, thermal drying and evaporation technology, and conveyor systems. Langley Separation and Process and DRYCAKE clients trust us to deliver process packages designed to meet their needs. We consider, foresee and respond to project needs and design, develop and deliver cost-effective and practical solutions. We are committed beyond product guarantees to process responsibility. All DRYCAKE manufacturing facilities are ISO 9001 certified. We also provide engineering companies and plant engineering with design assistance in full compliance with building regulations and national and international production standards. (CSA, CuL, US, UL, DIN, etc.)

Fergus Power Pump

Fergus Power Pump logo

Fergus Power Pump, Inc. based out of Fergus Falls, MN has strived for 30 years to be a leader in Biomass Management and Services by providing services and management for municipal, industrial, and agricultural entities for removal, transportation, and land application of Biosolids. In 2007, Fergus Power Pump, Inc. formed a company Fergus Power Products, Inc for sales and leasing of dewatering equipment and dredging throughout the United States. Many municipalities and leading industries are now changing focus and managing their Biosolids by dewatering. Dewatering reduces the weight and volume of solid wastes. The rental and leasing of Dewatering Equipment has become a more common solution for municipalities and industries.

Fenton Dryers

Fenix logo

The Fenton sludge drying system is an automatic batch system. The batch process allows total control of the process to insure the production of a Class A, exceptional quality product. The drying chamber uses a hollow disk propriety-blending rotor to blend the biosolids as they dry to eliminate the need for back mixing and insure optimum drying efficiency. The patented internally heated hollow disk arrangement allows the necessary heat transfer surface area to accomplish controlled dehydration of a wide variety of organic materials. Heated thermal fluid is circulated through the hollow disk as well as the chamber shell to give maximum surface area for drying. Emissions from indirectly heated sludge dehydrators have small amounts of contaminants contained in the exhaust vapors. A high efficiency Venturi scrubber/condenser system condenses the steam to water and scrubs the exhaust stream of air borne particulates. The condensed water is returned to the wastewater treatment system.

AIT Evaporators

AIT logo

AIT Services, Inc. of Brownwood, TX features innovative approach, and long successful history producing some of the most cost efficient and user friendly equipment for the processing of industrial sludge waste, has now been incorporated in the waste water evaporators it produces. The professionals at AIT have researched the market, listened to their customers, and talked to owners/operators of other equipment. These communications, observations and research convinced the AIT staff that others had only partially addressed the problems associated with waste water vaporization. AIT’s patented “V Series” Evaporators have been the longtime front-runner in Evaporation Systems and Sludge Dehydration Equipment. AIT’s products have been put to the test in over one thousand industrial locations under the harshest environmental conditions since 1985.

Giotto Water

Giotto Water logo

Giotto Water has been serving the worldwide environmental industry from more than 40 years featuring a broad product portfolio with specific technologies and solutions for the treatment of both municipal and industrial primary water, wastewater and sludge treatment. Giotto Water’s goal is to optimize customer’s treatment systems and processes by treating water for re-use, reducing the production of sludge as well as proposing solutions for energy recovery and vaporization of the sludge itself. Giotto Water offers a wide range of dewatering machines, designed to meet the specific needs for both municipal and industrial applications. The Giotto Water portfolio includes the Sernagiotto product line and belt filter presses with innovative designs to obtain the highest performance ever reached by a belt press filter.

Southern Filtration Products

Southern Filtration Products logo

Southern Filtration Products of Porter, TX features 30 years of experience providing quality service and aftermarket parts support for screening, dewatering and drying equipment. While most major OEM’s focus on capital sales of new equipment, Southern Filtration used a reverse approach and focused primarily on aftermarket parts, service, and refurbishing supported by quality service to maximize customer satisfaction. Southern Filtration Products has recently partnered with a preferred group of screening, dewatering and drying equipment manufacturers located in both North America and International to improve service and ensure customer satisfaction.

MSD Environmental Services

MSD Environmental Services logo

MSD Environmental Services specializes in high performance dewatering equipment and high quality solids handling solutions. Ohio-based MSD is a small, family owned business that considers their knowledge of the industry just as important as the ethics they stand behind. MSD offers new, refurbished and customized dewatering equipment, including belt filter presses, gravity belt thickeners, rotary sludge thickeners and centrifuges. MSD partners with BDP, a leading manufacturer of belt presses, gravity belt thickeners, and accessory equipment designed to provide solutions for filtration problems.

KLD Services

KLD Services logo

KLD Services offers a full line of rental filter presses from 2 cu. ft. capacity up to 100 cu. ft. capacity trailer mounted units.

VORT-X Ring Mixers

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The new VORT-X Ring Mixer (VRM) is totally unique and robustly designed to meet the most demanding mixing applications by moving the mixing ring generator plate “up-down / up-down” which produce successive vortex rings that travel through the body of liquid creating an efficient naturally occurring homogeneous mixing process. Compared to traditionally complex more energy intensive rotary mixers that spin blades to stir the liquid, the VORT-X VRM technology provides equivalent mixing with up to 80% less power consumption while also significantly minimizing maintenance and downtime. The VORT-X’s economical and energy efficient design make them incomparably affordable to purchase and operate and are an ideal solution for replacing other more costly mixing methods and equipment.

VORT-X Ring Mixers are ideal for aerobic & anaerobic waste digester sludge and equalization tank mixing to provide homogenous feed slurries and improve the process performance of downstream liquid/solid separation, filtration and dewatering equipment such as:

These mixers are also excellent for de-stratifying liquid storage tanks at tank farms and/or prior to tank clean-outs for more efficient liquid processing and sludge dewatering.