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LSP Inline Polymer Makedown System – PMI-10

LSP PMI-10 inline polymer makedown system

Langley Separation and Process (LSP) is excited to manufacture and offer this complete Inline Polymer Makedown System, which is integrated into a compact “aging” stand. The PMI-10 features the most reliable and basic controls needed for consistent and accurate solution control.

A key point of value for this unit is the small, but necessary, low energy aging chamber, but see all the other great features below.

Equipment Features:

LSP PMI-10 Inline Polymer Makedown System with optional Progressive Cavity Metering Pump

Activation and Aging

The LSP PMI-10 is designed to provide the consistent and thorough activation of neat polymer. Just ahead of the injection check valve is a wafer type static mixer, that is positioned to apply the highest mixing energy where the neat polymer is introduced into the dilution water. Immediately following this, the mixture is blended through a traditional static mixer as it travels to the bottom of the aging cylinder. Specially designed baffles continue to gently turn the solution as it moves through the unit and ages.

Diagram of LSP PMI-10 Inline Polymer Makedown System


Starting. The Hand/Off/Auto selector switch allows for either manual or interlocked start and stop.

  1. With the start command, the water solenoid will open, allowing dilution water to flow.
  2. Adjust the diaphragm valve to the appropriate dilution water flow rate.
  3. Green numbers on the flowmeter indicate that the minimum flow has been met.
  4. Red numbers indicate that the dilution flowrate is below the low flow setpoint.
  5. After flow is established, the neat polymer metering pump will start.
  6. LMI pump should be in INTERNAL control mode.
  7. Adjust the pump stroke length and frequency with the pump dials.
  8. The polymer system does not require any additional differential pressure to operate properly. The only adjustments should be on the neat polymer flow rate and the dilution water flow rate.
  9. Scan the QR code below for a Polymer Dosing Calculator to use on your mobile device.
Polymer dosing calculator QR code