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General Langley Separation and Process (LS&P) FAQs

How does LS&P evaluate an application?

LS&P reviews the facility requirements, goals, budget and timeline then will test a feed sample including both a chemical evaluation and simulated dewatering analysis in order to determine the proper equipment recommendation.

Why is LS&P a good choice for evaluating my application and recommending the most appropriate equipment selection?

LS&P has over 40 years of dewatering application experience and our experience is not limited to any specific type of equipment therefore LS&P evaluates various dewatering technologies selecting the best performance and lowest life cycle cost for each application.

Does LS&P provide short term and long term dewatering equipment rentals?

LS&P supplies short term and long term belt press, centrifuge and filter press rentals.

Where can LS&P provide dewatering equipment rentals?

LS&P rents belt presses, centrifuges and filter presses nationwide.

Where can LS&P provide dewatering equipment service?

LS&P services belt presses, centrifuges and filter presses nationwide.

What hours are LS&P personnel available for contact?

LS&P is available anytime 24/7.

Does LS&P provide emergency service repairs?

Yes, LS&P can assist with your emergency situation and respond with a variety of solutions to minimize customer downtime.

Does LS&P sell third party reproduction spare parts or OEM spare parts?

LS&P only sells and uses quality OEM parts so we can guarantee proper fit and function.

Where can I ship my equipment or component parts for in-shop repairs?

Pending customer location authorized LS&P service centers in Texas, Indiana, South Carolina, California and Ohio are available for equipment and component part repairs as well as complete machine rebuilds.

Is LS&P available for training my staff on proper equipment operation?

Yes. LS&P can provide classroom as well as onsite training for all types of dewatering equipment.

What are the LS&P’s service rates?

Rate sheet

What are standard LS&P payment terms for new equipment?

Typical new equipment purchase terms & conditions:

  • 40% down
  • 50% shipment
  • 10% performance completion
  • One year warranty