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Sample Testing and Evaluation

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Langley Separation and Process knows each customer and application requires careful evaluation to determine the best solution. Many applications require testing representative samples to determine proper selection of treatment chemistries and potential dewatering methods and selection of testing facilities is application dependent. Therefore Langley Separation and Process works with several full service labs and testing facilities to evaluate treatment chemistries, applicability of equipment, characterize feed material, and gather design data. Laboratory testing is a valuable tool for evaluating filtration and dewatering characteristics, selecting chemistries, and optimizing performance. For more extensive testing we offer pilot testing and pilot rental equipment. This customer focused resource produces tangible results that can determine the most effective dewatering solution for your specific application. In addition to ensuring accurate data for system design, this valuable service is also available to help you maintain maximum performance when process conditions change or new regulatory standards are implemented.

Combining testing analysis with 40 years of sludge dewatering experience, Langley Separation and Process will make recommendations for the type of dewatering equipment and polymer treatment chemistry whether it requires a decanter centrifuge, belt press, filter press or screw press. We can also design and supply a complete dewatering system including polymer systems, feed pumps, conveyors, technical support and follow-on parts and service. When it comes to removing liquids from solids the team at Langley Separation and Process has the knowledge and skills necessary.

Langley Separation & Process can assist with submitting customer samples for lab testing. Our technical service partners maintain fully staffed, state-of-the-art testing facilities for determining the most effective liquid/solids separation techniques for each specific application. Upon testing we will determine the most effective sludge conditioning, feed pressures, fill times, filter media, and filter cloths and press size for each customer.

In addition to ensuring you will make a better-informed equipment purchase, our customer-focused service will also help you maintain maximum performance of your filter press.

Laboratory Testing Analysis includes:

Langley Separation and Process can assist with submitting customer samples to the appropriate lab.

Please complete Lab Sample Submission Form and return to LS&P. This information requested is required in order to properly evaluate the sample(s) for amenability to testing. Your cooperation in completing this form is appreciated.

If you should have any questions, please contact your local LS&P office at or email questions to

Prior arrangements must be made with Langley Separation and Process so that the testing can be performed upon receipt of the sample. Please call to arrange a date for testing and shipment.

Shipping Instructions:

Samples classified as HAZARDOUS WASTES ARE EXEMPT FROM RCRA REGULATIONS under 40 CFR Part 261.4. Please ship these types of samples in accordance with EPA and/or DOT regulations.

Note: Please be certain that the sample(s) submitted to LS&P. for testing is a representative sample of the material that will be pumped to the centrifuge. If more than one (1) sample is being submitted, please complete a Data Form for each sample. Failure to submit a form will result in testing delays until the form for each sample has been submitted.

If the sample is a biological type of sludge, prior arrangements must be made with LS&P so that the testing can be performed upon receipt of the sample. Please call to arrange a date for testing and shipment.