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JWI J-Mate Sludge Dryer

J-Mate® Continuous Dryer

Langley Separation and Process offers the J-Mate Continuous Dryer, a JWI product, as a means of reducing disposal costs by removing moisture from dewatered cake. The J-Mate Continuous Dryer, a JWI product, further establishes Evoqua Water Technologies as a leading provider of dewatering solutions over a wide range of wastewater and processing applications. The J-Mate is designed to be used for second stage sludge cake volume and weight reduction downstream from a J-Press® filter press or other dewatering systems. The J-Mate Dryer takes over where the filter press, belt press and centrifuge leave off, producing an extremely dry, easily disposed of material.

The J-Mate continuous dryer is designed for second stage volume and weight reduction downstream from a J-Press filter press or other dewatering systems by removing residual moisture from dewatered cake to reduce disposal costs by. The J-Mate dryer achieves water removal rates from 45-lbs. to 190-lbs. (20-KG to 86-KG) per hour in high volume applications.

For example, mechanical dewatering units such as the J-Press filter press can reduce sludge volume up to 20:1 reducing 80 barrels of metal hydroxide sludge to 4 barrels of cake. However a substantial amount of water still remains in the sludge cake material and even greater savings can be realized with the addition of the J-Mate dryer. Since 60% to 80% of the filter cake is moisture, the J-Mate Dryer can dehydrates the cake material to a dry granular form reducing 4 barrels of filter cake to 1 barrel of dried material for easier, less costly disposal. The J-Mate dryer provides both weight and volume reduction of approximately 4:1 and is so effective that the payback on your investment can be achieved in as little as 6 months.

J-Mate Dryer Models

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Engineered for high volume applications, the J-Mate dryer offers features that deliver significant benefits in efficient, low maintenance operation. Cake from the J-Press filter press is loaded into the continuous J-Mate Dryer receiving hopper using one of several material handling options or directly into a special mobile dumpster. The sludge cake is dried and discharged in a dry granular form.

Designed Specifically for Metal Hydroxide and Inorganic Materials

Optional Features:

Additionally, Langley Separation and Process can engineer a turnkey dewatering system, as well as provide a customized cost-effective preventive maintenance and support program for your specific equipment, application, and/or facility requirement.

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