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How Do I Change My Gaskets?

  1. Insert the gasket starting at the bottom center of the filter plate using a wood or plastic mallet. Push the gasket into the groove around the outer edge of the plate until it mates at the center of the plate. Many installers will incorrectly stretch the gasket material. This reduces the cross section, making it easier to insert. However, by stretching the gasket material for easier installation, it has a tendency to creep and open the butted joint of the gasket, causing a leak.

    Cutting gasket diagram
  2. Cut the gasket approximately 1/2“ to 1“ longer than required, cutting the end squarely.

  3. Apply one or two drops of Eastman 910 (or equivalent “super glue“) to one end of the gasket and quickly join it to the other end. Hold it under hand pressure for approximately 30 seconds. Then crowd the excess gasket into the groove to ensure fullness of gasket material.

  4. Install the discharge eye gaskets in the same manner.

Note: When gasketed plates are first put into use, the new gasket material may be slightly sticky or gummy and cause gaskets to pull out of the grooves when plates are separated. This condition is eliminated as product film is built up. If any gaskets show this characteristic, apply a silicone spray until the press has been used several times.