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How Do I Change My Filter Cloths?

Remove filter cloth diagram

First, remove the used filter cloth. To remove a filter cloth from a gasketed plate, insert a thin bladed screw driver into the groove at the outer edge of the caulking and pry out a small section of the cloth. Grab the sash cord caulking with a vise grip pliers and pull the remaining cloth out of the caulking groove. Do this on both sides of the plate. Pull the cloth through the center feed eye of the plate. After the cloth is removed, inspect and remove any accumulated solids from the groove before inserting the new cloth.

To remove a filter cloth from a non-gasketed plate, use diagonal cutters or snips to cut the ties (if supplied) on the vertical sides and lift each side of the cloth off of the cloth-pins on the top edge of the plate. Pull the cloth through the center feed eye of the plate.

Installing filter cloths:

On both gasketed and non-gasketed plates having a center feed eye with sewn centers, you will need to fold the cloth on one side into a small section so that it can be inserted through the center feed eye. Once you pull the cloth through the eye, unfold it for caulking on the gasketed plate, or hanging on the non-gasketed plate. On gasketed plates, place the cloth against the plate and tap in a small section of the sash cord or O-ring on the top to hold the cloth in position. Line up and caulk the diagonal sections first to ensure proper alignment of the cloth. Distribute the caulking one the sides, top and bottom by caulking in the center of these long sections first. Proceed to insert the balance of the caulking, ensuring that the caulking is distributed evenly. Even though there may appear to be a surplus of material, this can be worked in easily.

Install filter cloths diagram

The tool for installing the retaining material (O-ring caulking and sash cords) is a simple wedge of polypropylene or some other non-shattering type material. The recommended size for the tool is approximately 1“ thick x 3“ wide x 8“ long with one end tapered down to 5/16“thick (available from Langley Separation and Process using USFilter part #10583800).

CAUTION: Do not use a metal wedge since this may damage the cord or filter cloth.

For non-gasketed plates, lift the cloth over the cloth dogs on top of the plate. Then join the two edges on the sides of the filter plate with wire ties or similar clips.