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Equipment & Process Consulting

The Langley Separation & Process Consulting Team provides a variety of consultative services with a focus on sludge dewatering technologies and processes. Our team of experienced, certified consultants bring years of unique “hands-on” experience over a wide cross section of dewatering equipment and process applications.

Langley Separation & Process Consulting Services:

Equipment Inspection and Evaluation Reporting

Although you probably already monitor the condition of your equipment, it may still be a good idea to get regular third-party equipment inspections with actionable evaluation reports. Regular equipment inspections ensure your equipment is operating properly and can save you money and time over the long run. An experienced equipment inspector may point out details your team might tend to overlook including items that ensure the safety of your workers. With regular inspection and evaluation reporting, you can make sure your sludge dewatering equipment is in top shape and safely operating at maximum efficiency.

Process Inspection and Evaluation Reporting

We bring years of sludge dewatering process experience across a wide variety of applications to every process inspection and evaluation report. A process inspection may point out opportunities for process improvements or cost savings your team might not recognize. With regular process inspections and evaluation reporting, you can ensure your sludge dewatering process is cost effectively meeting the required processing parameters and / or maintaining regulatory compliance.

Compliance or Permit Inspection

If you need and inspection of your sludge dewatering equipment or process for local, regional, or state compliance we can help. Our services include an inspection of the subject process and / or equipment and providing the necessary report.

Equipment Selection and Recommendations

You might purchase new sludge dewatering equipment for your plant once every 10 to 20 years. We work with sludge dewatering equipment and processes every day. You can rely on our experience and to can assist you with equipment selection and recommendations for new sludge dewatering projects or even upgrading your current equipment. We always consider your process requirements and priorities including functional space, available budget, and other factors to determine the required level of technology and equipment required to achieve the objectives within the stated parameters. Regardless of the size and scope of our work effort, our services provide sound, objective equipment, and budget recommendations for effectively equipping or upgrading your sludge dewatering a facility.

Equipment Pre-purchase Proposal Reviews and Recommendations

Equipment specification is a systematic approach for developing equipment requirements for major expansion programs required level of technology, budgetary guidelines, and reuse of existing equipment. Our experience ranges from large-scale projects to assisting with the planning and procurement of an individual piece of replacement equipment. The process involves meticulous planning, tight adherence to schedules, and coordination with all those involved in the project. User input is accomplished through a series of departmental interviews. The product is a fully specified plan of new requirements suitable for competitive bidding and review of submitted proposals for the most appropriate vendor and equipment selection.

Pre-purchase Used Equipment Inspections

When buying equipment, you can put your mind at ease when you hire us to do an inspection on your potential purchase. We follow a strict program when it comes to inspecting what is important, taking pictures, recording information, and uploading information for our clients’ review. We will provide our experience when it comes to detailing our inspection report so you and your company can make the best decision or negotiate an appropriate price.

What You Can Expect:

When we do an equipment pre-purchase inspection you will receive the following:

Equipment Maintenance Reviews and Programs

At Langley Separation & Process we believe equipment reliability should be the aim of every maintenance program and viewed as an important success factor of the overall processing facility’s mission — verses being viewed as a “necessary evil” or “cost center.” Our consulting approach centers on making well defined and implemented maintenance management processes a strategic and competitive advantage for your facility.

When doing maintenance and process management consulting we practice a systematic approach to ensure your success while enhancing asset utilization. The Langley Separation & Process Consulting Team will analyze your existing maintenance management processes and practices to identify both problems and opportunities in-order to make maintenance & reliability a reality and improve overall equipment effectiveness. Our proactive approach yields results.

Consignment Equipment Sales

If you have sludge dewatering equipment you want to sell, we can inspect and help establish a market value for the equipment. The inspection can be used as part of the effort to market and sell the equipment. We will also use our network to search for buyer on a commission fee basis.