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Belt Press Parts & Service

Langley Separation & Process specializes in belt press parts and service needs including onsite evaluations, field service, equipment repairs, refurbishments, complete rebuilds, process optimization, and training for municipal and industrial wastewater treatment facilities. Langley Separation & Process has many years of experience working with various belt press manufacturers Ashbrook WinklePress, Ashbrook Simon Hartley, Ashbrook Alfa Laval, Envirex, Siemens, Andritz, Komline Sanderson, Phoenix, Enviroquip, Parkson, Pilgrims, Sernatech, Rodieger, BDP, and Charter model units. No matter the original manufacturer, Langley Separation & Process can evaluate and restore your equipment to OEM specifications and performance standards as well as providing a variety of upgrade options to various components all designed to improve operating performance. In addition to providing belt press repair and refurbishments, Langley Separation & Process also offers routine service contracts and training programs.

Left - Vallejo Winklepress Rebuild, Right - Tampa J-Press Rebuild

Langley Separation & Process will perform an extensive examination and assessment to determine the necessary repairs, modifications, or refurbishment required to restore your gravity belt thickener or belt filter press to factory OEM specifications or even improve your unit’s sludge thickening or dewatering performance. From our experience, refurbishing and/or upgrading your existing equipment is often faster and more economically feasible option when compared to all the costs associated with engineering, purchasing, and installing new dewatering equipment. Therefore, having Langley Separation & Process evaluate your existing gravity belt thickener or belt filter press for repairs or upgrades could potentially save you significant money and time while ensuring you achieve the required process results.

A typical upgrade / rebuild process starts with developing a scope and plan:

The scope of your belt filter press or gravity belt thickener rebuild or upgrade will depend on your desired outcome as well as the current condition of your gravity belt thickener or belt filter. Given our years of experience, we recognize each rebuild is different and all manufacturers and press models feature different strengths and weaknesses and those must be considered when analyzing a customer’s options. Langley Separation & Process will work closely with you to develop a plan that identifies your top goals, budget, and available options. Customers receives a full report including pictures and explanations of recommended repairs and/or replacements that fit the plan discussed.

4 closeup photos of different parts of belt presses

If the work is being done on site, trained service technicians will work with your team to complete the work at your facility. For major repairs or upgrades, Langley Separation & Process will arrive on site with our fully equipped service trailer. The service trailer features a functional work area equipped with a variety of machine shop equipment and tooling to maximize on site capabilities and work efficiency.

The work provided by the Langley Separation & Process team will be performed per original OEM specifications and tolerances using only the highest quality OEM replacement parts, refurbished parts, or superior reversed engineered parts will be used depending on availability, budget, and requirements.

Common replacements, upgrades and repair items include:

Customer will receive regular updates on progress of their repair/rebuild and a final summary report will be issued, outlining the work completed and ensuring that the repairs, rebuild, and/or upgrade meets your requirements.

On site re-commissioning and operator training is provided as required for each project.

Download the Free Langley Belt Press Training 101 Series

Thumbnail of Belt Press 101 Operational Training presentation Thumbnail of Belt Press 101 Mechanical Training presentation

Langley Separation & Process completely refurbishes a belt press that had been idle for many years and left for dead in a wooded lot.

Two photos of a belt press that was left for dead: top - before, bottom - after

The owner decided they wanted this belt press made operational again. The belt press was completely disassembled and refurbished including the repair, replacement, and installation of new filter belts, refurbished and re-surfaced rollers, new bearings, and seals, wearable UHMW and poly components, rubber strips and seals, all new miscellanous hardware plus upgraded hydraulic pump unit and tensioning cylinders. New motors and drives were installed along with refurbishing the control panel. A new feed box was also fabricated and installed and completed with all new pipework. After several weeks on site the unit was completely brought back to life and restored to service.

Langley Separation & Process is your specialist for restoring and improving gravity belt thickener or belt filter press performance for sludge dewatering and thickening. From minor repair to complete onsite refurbishing, we have the knowledge and experience to get the job done on-time and within budget.

Rental belt press on trailer set up with hoses attached

Need a rental belt press while your belt press is taken off line for servicing? Langley Separation & Process can help you organize a rental unit and keep your facility operational during scheduled outages or even during emergency repairs of your installed dewatering equipment. Whether the need is one-time, sporadic, or regularly scheduled, these completely self-contained portable rental dewatering systems provide maximum operational flexibility. Additional technical assistance will be available via telephone 24 hours a day. The combination of a wide variety and well-maintained rental equipment packages and the highest degree of applications expertise are the best reasons for choosing Langley Separation and Process for all your mobile dewatering and dewatering equipment rentals.

Belt Press Replacement Parts

4 photos of assorted belt press parts

Langley Separation and Process will source OEM parts for many belt presses models and brands such as:

Available Parts Supply Includes:

Tony Langley

The center point for Langley Separation activities is Company President and Owner, Mr. Tony Langley. Tony’s 30 years of experience and knowledge in the water, wastewater, and industrial sectors speaks for itself. His impressive resume consists of well-known and competitive companies such as Andritz, Ashbrook and Siemens. In Tony’s own words: “Starting Langley Separation & Process was a big step, and our simple mission is to provide customers extraordinary products and services”.

Langley Separation & Process has many years of experience working with various belt press manufacturers: Ashbrook WinklePress, Ashbrook Simon Hartley, Ashbrook Alfa Laval, Envirex, Siemens, Andritz, Komline Sanderson, Phoenix, Enviroquip, Parkson, Pilgrims, Sernatech, Rodieger, BDP, and Charter model units. The team at Langley Separation knows those machines and we have all the necessary information and resources to provide customers the parts and service they require.

Whatever your needs our professional staff will reliably answer your technical questions and help troubleshoot your specific requirements, schedule parts shipments and/or arrange for on-site service.

Langley Separation has the resources to support your service requirements: