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Pond / Lagoon Mixing System

CAD rendering of a VORT-X Water Spider FLVM Lagoon Mixing Unit

Langley Separation is pleased to introduce the all new VORT-X “Water Spider FVRM” ring mixer mounted on floating pontoons to provide a cost-effective alternative for de-stratifying and mixing lagoons and pits. Langley Separation & Process has many years of sludge dewatering knowledge and process experience and we know how important it is to provide a homogenous feed supply to a screw press, centrifuge, or belt press separation and sludge dewatering process.

VORT-X Lagoon System diagram

VORT-X Ring Mixers are robustly designed to meet the most demanding mixing applications by moving the mixing ring generator plate “up-down / up-down” producing successive vortex rings that travel through the body of liquid creating an efficient naturally occurring homogeneous mixing process. This is an affordable, energy efficient, low maintenance mixing technology for the most demanding applications.

The “Water Spider FVRM” is essentially a VORT-X Ring Mixer mounted on a portable floating platform. Once the “Water Spider FVRM” is placed onto the lagoon surface or body of water the unit can be moved around and tethered in position to produce a homogeneously mixed feed source for shore based dewatering equipment. The “water Spider FVRM includes a shore-based control box for control functions including the ability to adjust cycle rate and control mixing action. The mixer shaft can easily be raised or lowered to adjust the mixing ring depth and the stroke length is also adjustable for added process control and tuning.

Photo of VORT-X Ring Mixer in operation

The “Water Spider FVRM” ships out in a spacing saving freight friendly knock-down kit that is quickly set-up and made ready for use.

Rental unit availability coming soon! Contact us to learn more today!